Curtain Melt - Innovative Recycling of Single-Use Plastics (Polypropelene)


  • Single-use plastic waste is a major concern for the health system. with huge volumes going to landfill or incineration each day, particularly from PPE.

  • This presents a unique challenge for an novative resource recovery to densify the volumes at source and re-introduce the plastics back into the supply chain for use in new products.

  • The unique innovative Curtainmelt from TCG, can not only divert large amounts of plastic waste away from landfill and/or incineration, but it will also significantly reduce the carbon footprint and costs created by transporting this very lightweight and space-hungry material (80-90% reduced volume)

  • Create a circular economy by recycling polypropylene used in large volumes on healthcare sites, including:

    • Wraps​

    • Masks

    • Drapes

    • Patient Curtains

  • How does it Work?

    • Used masks, drapes curtains and wraps made from polypropylene are placed into the Curtainmelt, which at 350 C melts the polypropene down to produce one metre rectangular blocks.​

    • The blocks of polypropylene can then be re-engineered into items like chairs, garbage bins and bottle caps.

  • How do I sell the blocks? 

    • We can arrange the supply chain purchase of the recycled blocks​ (circular economy)

  • Is it quick to install & maintain

    • Yes, quick installation as a stand alone unit. We will provide maintenance servicing and training.​

  • What's the lead time for an order?

    • c. 12 Weeks​

  • The technology is currently in use across 5 NHS trusts.


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